The Hottest New Fundraiser!

With a Scentsy Fundraiser you get a Great Product, and Great Money for your organization.

Who Can do a Fundraiser?

Non profit organizations, Health fundraisers, Medical groups, Animal Shelters, Sports teams, Scouts, Dance Groups, Gymnastics teams, 4-H groups, Church groups, Bands, Clubs, Schools, Community groups, and any other organization or group that wants to earn some extra money.

How do you do a fundraiser?

There are different ways you can do a fundraiser. You can do one or more of the following ways:

Get Orders at a Fairs/Events - If your organization is have an fair/events, You can set out order forms and catalogs on a table. Take orders and at the end of the event I will collect the order forms and send the product and % percentage of donation out to you.

Product to sell at a fair/event - If you have event booths at an event. We can come set up a table an sell product and give a percentage of the profits to your organization.

Door to Door - This is where members of your organization go out to the community and collect orders from family, neighbors, and friends.

Online Fundraiser - I will have a Event fundraiser of your organization right on my website so everyone can go right to my website and order. All you have to do is send out a link from your website, a flier, a note in your newsletter, or anyway to let people no where to go. This is also nice because the product will be delivered right to the customer.

How much will my Organization Make?

I will donate all 25% of my commissions, PLUS I will personally match up to 15% depending on the organization. That could be a total of 40% of all product ordered. For example if your fundraiser generates $3000 in sells (Easy to achieve.) your organization will receive a check for $1200.

Contact: Lauren Dalpias at or call me at 801.644.6888